Hyde Longbows is a relative new comer to making traditionally styled bows. But he certainly does not lack in love, enthusiasm or know how. With nearly two decades of practical skills, experience and a high regard for quality craftsmanship.

He began with single wood staves of ash and swiftly progressed onto laminated bamboo backed bows. The processes and manufacturing techniques are devoid of large commercial machinery to produce a good quality range of Longbows. He is very much the hands on craftsman bowyer, his customers will certainly attest to this.¬†All of Ian’s work at Hyde Longbows is produced individually per customer specifications.

“I was aware right from the start, of the need for a bow that not only felt good to shoot but was also a quality piece of craftsmanship. I very much enjoy the process involved and this drives me to take things a step further”.

*(This product is only available to customers within the UK. Shipping is included in the displayed price).

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