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Guardsman bracer is made of dark brown leather.Guardsman bracer is made of dark brown leather.


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The bracer is a simple, practical and inexpensive arm guard. On occasion we have oddments of stock, trial items and may need to ‘cart’ items ourselves but have not yet had time to build each entry into the website – here below items in store, carting ‘back orders’/secures purchase, then please state in comments for invoicing and refund of the difference if applicable. (May build a quick dropdown menu for bracer and photos of each when we get a minute, happy to quick pic and send to you between then).

  • x1 Bucktrail Breeze £13.99
  • x1 Bucktrail Origin £9.99
  • x2 Bucktrail Adama £9.99
  • x1 Timber Creek Roman £15.49
  • x1 Timber Creek Saxon£12.99
  • x1 Timber Creek Little John £5.99
  • x1 Timber Creek Pocket Quiver £16.49
  • x1 Bearpaw Bowhand Glove M £18.35

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