Egertec Straw Boss 85cm

Straw Boss 85cmStraw Boss 85cm


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A single coiled straw Boss 85cm stood proudly on the lawn is for many the epitome of archery tradition, for others it is merely a timely replacement, one of a whole row at the clubs field. Egertec genuine product, reliable and hard wearing you still can not beat a coiled straw target for offering excellent stopping power.

Egertec Targets have been manufacturing archery targets since the 1950’s, they harvest all of the straw themselves every year, cutting and baling it to make sure only the best straw goes into producing the best archery boss possible

  • Egertec straw boss 85cm diameter.
  • Dealer held prices.
  • Inclusive UK delivery direct*.
  • British made product.

* Orders from the Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Highlands & Islands ect will require a surcharge. Orders from outside the UK welcome, shipping will be charged separately as there is quite a variance in price and carrier, we would prefer you contact us first to discuss the options.

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