Ash Shafts (x6)

Ash ShaftsAsh Shafts




SOLD OUT of ash shafts. 

Looking to source good quality ash shafts in QTY for 2023.

Ash shafts of incredible stiffness, 32″ long, 1st machine cut, unpolished and un-spined in 3/8″ and 1/2″ diameter. We have used these ourselves to make shoot able reproductions with cow horn and goose fletchings etc, tapered lookalikes for higher poundage Longbow users and crossbow bolts.

Please note that Ash has an open grain structure and will not polish up like pine or spruce it will always have pitting and fissures by its very nature, only industrial methods will produce the smooth shafts today’s archers are used to in other woods. These shafts are as rough and ready as the pictures, if you want a project and are prepared to straighten and fettle with hand processes what ever they may be – simply rubbed down and kept parallel or the whole hog tapered – then after a labour of love and a goal in mind some nice arrows will result.

Contact us direct for alternative quantities and discounts on bulk box x-100 club/group buys. All questions and enquirers welcome.

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Weight 0.501 kg
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2 thoughts on “Ash Shafts (x6)

  1. Hi there,

    Is this American Ash or other Ash wood that is used?

    Also do you have the capability of making longer shafts to 45inches and thicker to say 1.5 inches in thickness?

    Many thanks in advance

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