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The Penthalon Omaha is the newest bow by Bearpaws home brand. Along with the Penthalon Creed and Chapman, it is not without reason one of the founding bows of the Penthalon Premium Line!

The Bow has a nice slim design, rounded shelves and a deep locator grip makes it easy to hold. A very smooth draw ensures that arrows come out of it well and yet has quite a bit of speed behind it, with minimal hand shock for a bow of this class, which makes it pleasant to shoot.

The riser is made of the special wood “Amazakoué/Ovangkol” with the now classic Bearpaw – Mycarta strips. The limbs are made of maple and Powerglas. The tips are also made of Mycarta, so you can use any modern string material. The Penthalon Omaha with its timeless and high-quality design, is a high performance bow with a length of 68 inches. Available in draw weights between 25-55 inches (5 increments).

A bow with a great price and superb performance – see the review here.

  • In Stock at our Studio:
  • Bow Length: 68 inches.
  • Draw Weights: 35 lbs
  • Riser RH: Amazakoué / Ovangkol with maple and Mycarta stripes
  • Limbs: Maple with Pure Black Bearpaw Powerglass.
  • Tips: G10.
  • Grip: Locator.
  • String: Whisper String – Brace Height: 7 inches.
  • Guarantee: 2 Years.

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