Slick Stick Longbow – 2023/24

Slick Stick Longbow.Slick Stick Longbow.




The name Slick Stick is known and respected around the world. Every individual model of the Slick Stick family of bows has its own fan base. For many years, the Slick Stick has been an extremely valued companion throughout the world of archery and has significantly shaped the scene of these short longbows. No wonder! After all, Ron LaClair’s Shrew Bow was the inspiration for the development of this iteration of a legendary classic bow.

According to Henry Bodnik, it is a close to perfect bow design. The Slick Stick is a flatbow which combines the good characteristics of both a recurve and a longbow. Bows that deliver sleek graceful lines, a smooth comfortable draw, and powerful performance at a fantastic price! Simple and classic! Every Slick Stick comes with the legendary 30 year Bodnik Bows warranty.

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Bow Hand


Bow Weight @ 28"

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