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Bickerstaffe beginners longbowBickerstaffe beginners longbow




The Bickerstaffe beginners Longbow is recommended for those wanting low bow weights, folk starting out, juniors and reenactors – available up to 35 lb with higher bow weights of 40-45 lb made at an additional cost of £15. If you would like more information or to discuss specific requirements before purchasing then please contact us.

These bow are average speed longbows which offer consistent and forgiving shooting from day one. By design they are simple self-nocked wooden longbows made of two lamination’s – backed with Hickory which has great store with many bowyers for its strength and return once bent, the belly is of Lemonwood chosen for its superior crushing properties. Each Bickerstaffe beginners Longbow is signed, has a stitched leather grip and is supplied with a string.

  • These self-nocked bows normally take 4-6 weeks to manufacture plus shipping from the date of order.
  • UK Shipping included in the displayed price.

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