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IM Longbow Commission – Pre-Order Longbow is here for your special request to be made. Each bow is taken on as an individual item, a consultation is essential for work to begin. Additional information will be required with regards specification, materials, any extras you desire that affect the displayed price already payed and lead/delivery time. Feel free to contact us directly.

Prices start at £300 for a 3 lamination Longbow (one core wood), 6 lamination’s is the maximum (4 core woods) £450+. With a maximum poundage of 45lb, there after the price increases due to the amount of material used, equally if a specific material is demonstrably more expensive this will also increase the total price. The usual common features of buffalo horn nocks and a string is a given but pass plates and the leather handle grip are up to you. You may not want a grip but a pass plate only on one side in a contrasting hard wood, such feature tweaks are open to discussion, this is your bow request after all.

Each IM longbow commission is a labor of love, each one is made as an individual item with their own characteristics. The back of each bow is bamboo well known among bowyers for its extreme toughness and speed of return once bent, the belly of the bow is most often lemon-wood for its superior crushing potential but other woods are available. The core woods can be arranged to provide the bow with a certain look that you desire, all are chosen for their density, grain straightness and strength. Ipe and Purple Heart are generally available whilst Osage Orange and Padauk less so, other woods are subject to availability at any given time, we will do our best to satisfy even if a wait is involved to source. We will speak to you and inform you every step of the way where necessary.

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