IM Longbows – Standard. SOLD OUT

IM Longbows StandardIM Longbows Standard




The IM Longbows Standard model are made in small batches working with the wood to produce bows of a consistent quality and characteristics. They range in poundage from 25-45 lb and in length measured between the nocks from 66″-78″ (5’6″- 6’5″), (167cm-198cm).

Each bow has buffalo horn nocks, dual pass plates, leather handle grip and of course a string. The back of each bow is bamboo well known among bowyers for its extreme toughness and speed of return once bent, the belly of the bow is lemonwood for its superior crushing potential, and a core of exotic hard wood chosen for its density, grain straightness and strength; usually Ipe or Purple Hart but other woods do feature when available.

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* belly fades into the core.

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