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IM performance longbow #10IM performance longbow #10


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IM Performance Longbow #10 . Each IM Longbow is a labor of love, each one is made as an individual item with their own characteristics as listed. Common to each the buffalo horn nocks, dual pass plates, leather handle grip and of course a string. The back of each bow is bamboo well known among bowyers for its extreme toughness and speed of return once bent, the belly of the bow is lemonwood for its superior crushing potential. The core woods have all been chosen for their density, grain straightness and strength, whilst being arranged to provide the bow with a certain look and attractiveness.

*The images are not of this bow but one very much like it, imagine a purple stripe and the fade colorsĀ in reverse. Will update asap

IM Performance Longbow #10

  • 48lb @ 28″
  • Length 74″ between the nocks.
  • Buffalo horn nocks
  • Buffalo horn pass plates right and left
  • Leather Handle- black
  • Bamboo back
  • 2 core’s Ipe and Purpleheart.
  • Leamonwood belly.

*The Lemonwood belly fades into the core woods, making this an attractive bow that performs as well as it looks.

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