Mohawk Hunter – Hybrid BLS (13″ Riser Bubinga)

Mohawk Hunter Hybrid blackMohawk Hunter Hybrid black




The Mohawk Hunter Hybrid take down bow, is a perfect combination of performance and aesthetics! Now part of the new, revolutionary BLS system.

All of the Mohawk bows enjoy an impressive reputation around the globe, avid archers choose to shoot Mohawk bows and swear by them having been impressed in the field by the super smooth draws and consistent, flat shooting performance, no matter how close or how far the shot is you can trust these bows. The Mohawk riser is Bubinga laminated with beautiful contrasting Maple and Mycarta, resulting in a very stiff riser that ensures maximum stability. It not only looks good but its mass weight absorbs all the residual energy after the shot, guaranteeing no noticeable hand shock.

The short, handy Mohawk Hunter riser is aptly named. The beautiful curves and graceful lines of this compact version is an engineering marvel. The perfect geometry and balance enhances precision shooting with built-in point-ability, stability, and forgiveness.

According to Henry Bodnik, Mohawk hybrid limbs make the perfect bow. They provide an unmatched balance of smooth drawing, with fast powerful and flat arrow trajectories for pinpoint accuracy. The skilled bowyers at Bearpaw Products put a lot of time and energy into the development of these hybrid limbs to create a very special bow – the bow of bows – Mohawk Hunter Hybrid.

  • Bow Length: 58 inches.
  • Draw Weight: 20 – 60 lbs in 5 lbs increments.
  • Riser Weight: 475g (1,05lbs).
  • Handle: Bubinga with hard maple and mycarta accent stripes.
  • Limbs: Bamboo, stabil core with olive veneer or black glass and Bearpaw Power Glass crystal clear.
  • Tips: Multi-Layered Mycarta.
  • Grip: Pistol grip.
  • Bowstring: Whisper String (or any other high-performance string).
  • Brace Height: 8 inches.
  • Guarantee: 30 Years Bodnik Bows Guarantee.
  • Available via our Dealership – click here for more information.

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Bow Hand


Bow Weight @ 28"

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Black Glass, Olive Veneer

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