Sioux. DISCONTINUED Nov 2023

Bodnik Sioux flat bowBodnik Sioux flat bow




The Bodnik Sioux is made from a beautiful combination of woods and is a bow for persons with a shorter draw length but still packing some punch. This certainly makes the Sioux a good bow choice for children and younger archers just starting out. Every Bodnik Bow is crafted by skilled bowyers in Bearpaws own products manufacturing facilities even the tiddlers such as the Bodnik Sioux.

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Bow Weight @ 28"

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One thought on “Sioux. DISCONTINUED Nov 2023

  1. What a great bow!

    I bought one for my youngest (14) and we were both amazed at the arrow speed this bow chucks out.
    For one who was aiming over the top of a target at 30 yards with a similar poundage bow, he is now getting 6 for 6 on at 40 yards and almost a horizontal flight.

    The bow has got a matt finish, not the polished varnish finish some prefer, but I kinda like that.

    Heartily recommended

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