Slick Stick AFB Charcoal. DISCONTINUED Nov 2023

Slick Stick AFB CharcoalSlick Stick AFB Charcoal




The Slick Stick AFB Charcoal continues the success story of its predecessor. The name Slick Stick is known and respected around the world, every individual model of the Slick Stick family of bows has its own fan base. Bows that deliver sleek graceful lines, a smooth comfortable draw, and powerful performance at a fantastic price!

The Bodnik Slick Stick AFB Charcoal is a flatbow which combines the good characteristics of both a recurve and a longbow. According to Henry Bodnik, it is a close to perfect bow design. The Bow limbs made of bamboo are a guarantor for the excellent features of this flatbow. Limbs made from bamboo have enormous shooting performance and a soft draw. In combination with the Whisper String of Bearpaw Products, the Slick Stick is a quiet “whisperer” when it comes to casting arrows and shows great performance.

  • Bow Length: 58 Inches.
  • Draw Weight: 20 – 55 lbs in 5 lbs increments.
  • Riser Materials: Charcoal Actionwood.
  • Limb Materials: Bamboo, Alder Veneer under Bearpaw Powerglas Crystal Clear.
  • Limb Tip Overlays: Black Mycarta.
  • Grip: Bodnik Bows Locator Style Grip.
  • Bowstring: Whisper String – Brace Height: 7 1/4 Inches.
  • Available via our Dealership – click here for more information.
  • Warranty: Bearpaw grants a 30-year warranty on all Bodnik Bows for  fractures, cracks & delaminations. Exclusions apply e.g. signs of wear, damage due to gross negligence, intentional behavior, or twisted limbs after a period of use of 6 months. The guarantee is provided by replacement or repair of the bow. The statutory warranty rights remain unaffected by this guarantee and apply independently of it

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