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These Agincourt coins are a great way to discover the coins used in a period – 2016 was the 600th anniversary of ‘the bloody battle’. The Battle of Agincourt that took place on the 25th of October 1415, a fascinating but controversial battle with many myths and romances surrounding it.

The coins are hand struck in the original manner from hand crafted dies by a very skilled craftsman right here in Merry England. Each Money Bag of Agincourt coins contains 13 pewter coins which is all denominations circulating including 3 Gold Plated Replicas, one being the Gold Noble found in 2007 by the Time Team excavation of Codnor Castle -as well as the silver coins- with the special Codnor Castle mint signature designed exclusively for the castle. The coins are held in a velvet drawstring bag with a little scroll, which gives some background information to the coins in the set. They make an excellent gift for anyone interested in the History of Archery. We are the only retailer to hold his works as a stock item. 

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