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White Hart pewter badgeWhite Hart pewter badge


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White Hart pewter badge in late 14th early 15th Century Style –¬†White Hart and Tree.

Since time immemorial, the white hart has been a creature surrounded by mystery, a beast whose very existence is suffused with myth and legend. An inescapable part of British folklore, its mystical quality led to it being adopted as a symbol of royalty- King Richard II adopted the white hart as his personal emblem- and a multitude of pubs scattered around the country bear its name. Even today, white harts are considered lucky charms, so why not wear a White Hart pewter badge.

All of these historical replica pewter badges we are proud to say, are hand crafted in small batches here in the UK. Using the finest grade of English Pewter to give the detailed clarity of design and great quality of finish.

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