Archery Equipment: What You Need to Get Started


Bodnik Speed Glove Palm Side

When it comes to archery, everyone has to start somewhere! You may not have the sharpest eye or be the keenest shot to begin with, but with plenty of practice and the right temperament, you could be hitting bulls-eyes left, right and centre in no time at all. You’ll also need to make sure you have the right archery equipment to get started – and the sooner you choose the following kit to suite you, the better!

Shooting Gloves and Tabs

An absolute essential piece of archery equipment for novices and pros alike. Gloves and tabs offer more than just simple protection for your fingers – they offer an amazing level of comfort which you will find is preferred by more experienced archers as well as those just starting out. Shooting tabs are simple flaps of graded leather or hair backed leather which can be used to help your shot significantly. Shooting gloves provide you with overall grip, comfort and ease of use with each and every pull. For sheer ease of use and to prevent discomfort, it’s recommended that you take a good look at various shooting gloves and tabs to buy before you start pulling anything above a low poundage bow or spend any great amount of money on anything other than the items below.

Bracers and Arm GuardsStag Bracer, terracotta leather arm guard.

Protective archery equipment is always a must – after all archery is at its heart the art of repetition, you are going to be putting your arms and fingers in various positions for what can be long periods of time, and you are working with equipment that must be respected and used correctly. Bracers and arm guards are used to effectively protect an archer’s forearm while taking the shot – if you’re not too careful the bowstring can slap you on release. The remedy being form and practice but better safe than sorry – wear a brace.

It’s important to look for a bracer which not only offers a wealth of comfort, but one which supplies you with as much use as possible – leading manufacturers and top quality crafts people make bracers / arm guards and accessories from materials which are not only comfortable and protective, but which will also weather for some years to come.

Side QuiversAdventure side quiver

No basic archery equipment set up is complete without some sort of arrow depository, and the side quiver is one of the most commonly used across the sport. This is largely down to ease of use. Side quivers come in a variety of shapes and variations depending on where is most comfortable for you and your game – it’s always recommended you try a few on before you buy one outright – but ultimately, modern side quivers are designed and built to supply you with safe, speedy access to your arrows – and once again, they can be a basic modern fabric right through to fantasticaly tooled leather – go for a model that matches your personality!

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