All of our custom built arrows are made in-house to order with care and precision to your specifications from the huge customization options which are all on easy ‘drop downs’ for your convenience. The combined features of the materials we use for our custom built arrows are among the best on the market. The piles are top quality & accurate weights, Index nocks make for easy selection and positioning on the string. Spruce and Pine each have their own characteristics which make them a first choice with many archers worldwide, especially so in Europe & the US. Natural turkey feathers have long been regarded as the best feathers to withstand wear and tear whilst being lighter than plastic, with fold down forgiveness they decrease the chance of brush deflection.

Choice is everything to the individual so should you wish to make a simple change, have an idea you would like to talk over or request service work, we are on hand to take your call – Prior requests have been Fletch alignment and spacing. Lower or higher spines seen on our stock but not the drop downs. Wraps, custom cut fletchings, wooden nocks etc things not on our stock but obtainable elsewhere. Fletch profiles that need to be cut by hand from a template or chopper.

All at competitive base rate prices – Please allow 15 – 25 working days for completion depending on type and quantity + shipping.

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