This section is populated with an exciting range of Longbows for sale from UK makers. The range will change over time with availability and most certainly will have many bows made on spec in small batches and unique one-off’s due to material availability.

Want a specific bow designed? Need to talk things over? We will be more than happy to assist you in choosing which longbow to buy for your specific needs.- Call us on 07581 726161

The Longbow needs little introduction, the historical longbow was a self-bow made of a single stave its limbs are relatively narrow so that they are circular or D-shaped in cross section, sometimes slightly re-curved at the tips. Its height roughly equal to that of the user and allowing a long draw. Longbows and have been made from many different woods by many cultures; in Europe they date from the Paleolithic, and since the Bronze Age were made mainly from yew or elm. The earliest known example was found in the Ötztal Alps with the ice mummy known as Ötzi, dated to around 3,300 BC. We have a generous collection of traditional longbows for sale you can view below.

Many bows made today follow these traditions but equally many modern longbows may also be made of several lamination’s of wood found from different regions of the world chosen for their individual quality’s, bamboo which is a grass makes excellent backing for its extreme toughness and speed of return once bent, and modern synthetic materials that did not exist until relatively recently all combine into modern Longbows that still continue to make a mark in the world. We also have modern longbows for sale.

We welcome contact with any Bowyers who want to promote their skills and the products of such labour.