These reproduction carvings are true and accurate cast resin copies of the originals, capturing all of the fine detail and even tool marks left by the master craftsmen that carved them over 500 years ago. Our chosen range of hand crafted reproduction resin castings – to interest historically minded archers – are produced from moulds that have been taken directly from the original Medieval, Victorian and Edwardian carvings found within the Cathedrals and Abbeys of the UK, with unique permission from the Dean’s and Chapters. Most of these carvings originate from the Misericords (this is Latin for Mercy Seat) which are flip down seats found within the Choir Stalls. The Cathedrals and ecclesiastic buildings from the middle ages are lavishly adorned & richly decorated inside with masses of beautiful foliage carvings, but often hidden in plane sight are depictions of every day people, creatures both real and fantastical, Knights, Caricatures and the Green Man.