Knights Jousting

Knights JoustingKnights Jousting


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The Knights Jousting resin cast plaque is an exquisitely detailed relief made to the same high standard as the historical reproductions. Depicting two knights in armour and regalia of the late 14th Century participating in a joust of peace, the chap on the left feeling the full force of a blow to the chest as he and and his horse look to be going down any second.

Please note they are not set-square straight they have been made to appear aged as through time. They can be displayed on an appropriate stand, hung from a wall or professionally framed which would look wonderful in a deep set wooden frame, but that is your choice. As shown they are plain which is fine if you like the cream colour or you can paint them. They are available stained to look like wood or stone. Metal flecked to look like silver or brass on request.

Size: Length 39 cm x Height 23 cm

*Lead time is 2 weeks + delivery but please allow 30 days as these are hand made to order exclusively for Shire Archery.


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Weight 5.001 kg

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