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Bickerstaffe Bows are a leading producer of bows in the UK, a small but truly dedicated team of craftsmen and archers with a deep understanding and appreciation for the Longbow and a love for the Traditional side of the sport, their longbows have found favor in all forms of Traditional archery around the world. *To date the Yew Warbow specially made by Bickerstaffe holds the Guinness Book of World Records title, thanks to the incredible efforts of Mark Stretton with this beast of a Longbow being 200+ lb draw weight.

The following range of Bickerstaffe longbows are made from traditionally known bow woods from around the world and several woods that have recently found to be very good bow woods. The range of materials on offer is very much determined by their availability and will vary from time to time. Each bow comes with a booklet containing advice on the best way to use and look after wooden bows. If you would like more information or to discuss specific requirements before purchasing then please contact us.

  • Bickerstaffe bows normally take 4-6 weeks to manufacture plus shipping from the date of placing your order.
  • UK Shipping is included in the displayed price and all bows are dispatched using a fully insured carrier.
  • For orders outside the UK please contact us for a shipping quotation prior to placing an order.
  • Photos displayed by the kind permission of Mr Pip Bickerstaffe.