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Bickerstaffe Standard Longbow pass plateBickerstaffe Standard Longbow pass plate




The Bickerstaffe Standard Longbow is available either Left or Right handed from 30 – 60 lb* and thus recommended for those wanting medium to high bow weights. *If you would like a longer draw or higher poundage version of this bow each inch over 29″ &/or 10lb over 60lb has an additional charge of £30. If you would like more information or to discuss specific requirements before purchasing/being invoiced then please contact us.

These bows are average speed longbows which offer consistent and forgiving shooting from day one. Made of three lamination’s – typically a Purpleheart or Greenheart core although this may vary subject to the availability and material price at the time, Hickory back which has great store with many bowyers for its strength and return once bent, the belly is of Lemonwood chosen for its superior crushing properties. Each bow has Buffalo horn nocks at both ends, the top nock is double grooved to enable the easy use of a stringer. Every Bickerstaffe Standard Longbow is signed, has a pass plate, a stitched leather grip and is supplied with a string.

  • These Longbows normally take 4-6 weeks to manufacture plus delivery from the date of placing your order.
  • UK Shipping is included in the displayed price.



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