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Warbow Tri LaminateWarbow Tri Laminate




Heavy draw weight longbow made of three lamination’s as a simulacra for the “Warbow”, Hickory or Bamboo backed Lemonwood with a Purpleheart or similar core. These bows tiller full compass to 32″ and are generally around 78″ nock to nock, bows are left bare at the handle and have a Bowyer’s mark as an arrow pass. Comes with fast flight string and bow stringer. The bow starting weight is 70lb up to 130lb, but incremental weights to 150lb+ are open to discussion, please leave your preferences and any particulars in the customer note for a one to one discussion.

Waiting times vary but expect a 1 month wait to confirm an order due to material selection and availability.

“Warbow” Prices from £540 for weights of 70lb – 95lb, (then £570 100-120lb / £600 125-130lb).

  • 1 year guarantee against any defects in workmanship comes as standard.
  • Due to unprecedented demand there is currently a 6 month Lead Time to manufacture plus shipping from the date of placing your order.
  • UK Shipping is included in the displayed price and all bows are dispatched using a fully insured carrier.
  • Please be advised material selection is subject to availability at any given time, we will do our best to satisfy.

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Bow Hand


Bow Weight @ 28"

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2 thoughts on “Warbow – Heavy Draw Triple laminate – Preorder

  1. Hello there I left a message with you before so thanks for the swift reply. Your war bows I’m only 5’5 in height and wanted a bow that has at least a draw weight of 80 would that still be possible as well as what range does a bow of 80 lbs have on it also due to this outbreak are you still taking orders sorry for any inconvenience

    1. Hi Nathan, I don’t know whether Trevor at Shire Archery got back to you but here’s my input: The range of this bow will have as much to do with the arrow as it does the bow. The conundrum is this – the heavier the bow you have the heavier the arrow gets both in terms of spine, which affects weight and diameter of shaft which also affects weight. A well made 50lb longbow can therefore shoot a 320- 330 grain 5/16″ diameter arrow as far as an 80lb longbow will shoot a 500+ grain 3/8″ arrow. I made my wife a 35lb longbow with a Purpleheart core and using a barrelled or bobtailed arrow at 220-240 grains she can outshoot for distance many men shooting bows up to double that weight. Also the heavier a bow gets in poundage, the thicker and heavier the limbs are moving through the air, thus creating more wind resistance. So it’s best to resist the temptation of going for a big heavy bow if you want to get distance. On the other hand if you want to shoot through armour plate at short distance then that’s another story!

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