“Loxley” – Full Compass Triple Laminate Longbow – Preorder

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The Loxley Longbow by Black Arrow Longbows are tillered full-compass and have no riser – making them very popular with reenactors and historical enthusiasts – being a good quality bow at a good price.

This bow is a Tri-laminated bow comprising a Lemonwood core for inner strength, a Hickory or Bamboo back as both woods are well known among bowyers for toughness and speed of return once bent, with the belly being Lemonwood for its superior crushing potential.

The Loxley Longbow is available left or right handed in Draw lengths up to 30″ & draw weights up to 60lb. The Longbow comes with horn nocks and a handmade Fast Flight bowstring. The options of a braided or leather handle if needed, an arrow pass or a more historically accurate bowyers mark, and staining to mimic the look of a Yew Bow are all available on request.

  • 1 year guarantee against any defects in workmanship comes as standard.
  • Due to unprecedented demand there is currently a 4-5 month Lead Time to manufacture plus shipping from the date of placing your order.
  • UK Shipping is included in the displayed price and all bows are dispatched using a fully insured carrier.
  • Please be advised the drop downs are for your preferences and that material selection is subject to availability at any given time, if you do have a particular selection of materials in mind, we will do our best to satisfy.

Additional information

Bow Hand


Bow Weight @ 28"

, , , , , ,

Your Draw Length

24", 25", 26", 27", 28", 29", 30"

Bow Back


Bow Belly

Core Wood 1

Arrow Pass

Bowyers Mark, Mother of Pearl



Handle Grip

Bare, Braid, Leather

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  1. Hello I wish to get a bow from you but I get confused as to the left and right handed bow as I hold the bow in my left and my right eye is dominant does that make me left handed or right

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