English Longbows for Sale

Are you looking to get into archery and don’t know which bow to go for? Or are you an advanced/intermediate archer looking to seek the finest quality English longbows for sale?

You’ve come to the right place! We have access to a wide variety of traditional bows, professionally hand-crafted with high-quality materials. Here we will go through some of the longbows we have for you to order and a little detail on which one could be the best for you.

The English Longbow

The English Longbow is well known as a historical bow made from a single stave with relatively narrow limbs so that they are circular, oval or D-shaped in the cross section. With varied lengths roughly equal to that of the archer, they are the perfect instrument for your needs. Built from many different types of woods throughout many cultures over hundreds of year, and on into the modern age. Tried and tested methods of assessing natural material quality’s combine with man made materials that were not available until recent decades.


You will often need to investigate the details of what a bow is actually made of and the draw/bow weights etc. But don’t worry, we will have full description of every longbow in their makers category. All our bows shown are custom made, by hand, by specialists in the field to increase the bespoke quality we want you to see with all such products. If you have any questions or queries don’t hesitate to contact us.


    1. Beginner’s Longbow

The beginner’s Longbow is often a basic stock model with most makers, and recommended for those just starting out in archery who are wanting low bow weights to get used to. These bows are available up to 35 lb with higher bow weights possible from 40-45 lb. Often made from two lamination’s of wood to provide a sound back and belly. These bows produce an average speed and consistency, so you can start getting a feel for archery with some confidence.


    1. Basic & Standard Longbow

The Basic and Standard Longbows are the next step to reaching a lighter to medium weight bow with durability to suit juniors or beginners progressing further up. They cover quite a wide range depending on maker, materials and price but are often horn nocked and consisting of two or three lamination’s. Backs of Hickory or Bamboo are very common as they are well-known for toughness and speed of return, with Lemonwood as the superior crushing belly, and a single or sometimes double core of white wood or an exotic wood reflecting the price.


    1. Deluxe Longbow

Are you an intermediate looking for the companion bow you need to progress further on your longbow archery quest? Deluxe Longbows which are competition favorites are made to a higher or personal specification, these bows consists of four or more lamination’s, and as above Bamboo, Hickory and Lemonwood are the post popular choice for the back & belly but by no means exclusively so. Two or more core woods to fit your needs and preference, Ash, Ipe, Paduak, Maple, Osage, Greenheart, Purpleheart and Yellowheart are all popular. This combination creates a top end English Longbow who’s bespoke nature need not finish there.


Hyde Deluxe Longbow