Bodnik Bows Logo 2020

Shire Archery is proud to announce that we are able to order-in any of the available Bows at Bearpaw from the American longbow flatbow range. These bows come with complimentary Free Shipping in the *UK. Unless stated otherwise they come with a 2 year warranty for Penthalon Bows or a 30 year warranty on Bodnik Bows from Henry Bodnik himself.

These American longbow flatbows are made by hand in short production runs to strong quality guidelines and according to American standards for over a decade. Comparable to custom work at great price points, they are not available from our stock directly at the moment due to storage and the sheer variance of the range. They are available via our Dealership – please click here for more information.

We can cite live stock levels if any Bodnik Bows are available. As of November 2023 due to huge demand and the ongoing global circumstantial pressures there is a waiting list on manufacture of 13 month +shipping for a Bodnik bow.

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