Wooden arrows with plastic nocks are the norm for the majority of traditional archers. The combined features of the materials we use for our arrows are among the best on the market.

Our custom built wooden arrows cover a wide range of bow and shooter specifications. Made in-house to order with care and precision to your specifications, the huge combination of fletching, shaft and customization options are on easy ‘drop downs’ for your convenience. The back space for your fingers is set at the widely recommended 1.5″ and the fletchings are off set by 1/16 of an inch, imparting spin which is highly recommended by leading names in the world of traditional archery.

Choice is everything to the individual so should you wish to make a simple modification request, material change such as wooden nocks or shift the fletching position – we are on hand to take your call. All at a competitive base price – Please allow 15 – 20 working days for completion.

Please note – as it is the end/beginning of a new financial year we will be be doing a stock check and squaring up the book keeping over the next couple of weeks, as opposed to changing our opening hours/days or closing for several days… so lots of admin and coffee.

Arrow orders placed between 1st – 21st of April will be ‘on hold’ and have a commencement date of Monday the 22nd of April.