Knights Tournament #1 (Worcester)

Knights Tournament #1 (Worcester)Knights Tournament #1 (Worcester)


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The Knights Tournament #1 (Worcester). Taken from the medieval carvings circa 1380, found upon the Misericords and supporters from within the choir stalls of Worcester Cathedral. This carving is one of the largest and most definitely impressive reproductions in the collection. This magnificent highly detailed carving shows two Knights jousting, one can almost see and feel the movement and atmosphere in this relief. One charging Knight with his lance out straight forward and head down can clearly be seen to be the winner as the other knight is knocked of his horse. One can see the expression of surprise, defeat and pain in the face of the loosing Knight as he is knocked back and falls from his horse. This carving forms the centerpiece of a medieval misericord and there are carvings to both the left and right of this piece. On the left hand side of the carving one can see part of a foot, this belongs to the Jester carving, on the right hand side one can see a horn, this belongs to the carving ‘Man playing Horn’. Both reproductions are available upon request.

It is thought by experts in the field of medieval history that this portrait carving is the oldest surviving depiction of two Knights jousting in a competition. The Knights Tournament is a cast resin reproduction that has been taken from the original carving and captures all the fine detail produced by the master craftsmen that carved this piece over 600 years ago. Designed to hang upon a wall, this reproduction makes a stunning display piece and interesting focal point, comes with a hanging fixture. Size (H) 24 cm x (W) 36 cm.

*Lead time is 2 weeks + delivery but please allow 30 days as these are hand made to order.

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