Cyanoacrylate 20g

Cyanoacrylate 20gCyanoacrylate 20g


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Cyanoacrylate High Viscosity, or ‘not so runny super glue’ to me and you is used in archery to glue fletchings to arrow shafts. Some ‘special fletching glues’ are really cyanoacrylate re-branded to appeal to the archery market at much cost and within DIY i have seen the same thing retailed at an astonishing ¬£16+.

This particular brand is trusted in Industry to stick bits of fixtures and fittings together, you will probably find certain parts of your windows, doors and kitchen are bonded with it. So a feather on a stick is no problem, just be careful not to stick your finger together. This is a medium size bottle = 20 g. The little ones you often see are 5 g or 10 g.

*We should be stocking the long thin applicator nozzles soon.

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