Spliced Fletchings

Picture Pending. Tillering stringPicture Pending. Tillering string



Spliced Fletchings in 2, 3 or 4 divisions/colours and charged per operation*. Each unit is for 6 spliced fletchings and is a service charge – if you have not selected the fletch shape you want prior, with the divisions thus set the shape of the fletch can be selected from our range and cut – see custom cuts. (as a full fletch they are very delicate, we are doubtful they would survive the post).

*The divisions and colour of each to be stated in the customer note or contact us to discuss, but a typical example would be 2 colours with the alternate colour  1″ from the rear of a 3″ fletch. Or 3 colours  a 1/2″ strip of red 2″ from the rear of a white 6″ fletch.

Perhaps you want something really fancy for the cock feathers of your new arrows. Have neither the time, tools nor inclination to faff about making spliced fletchings…. here at “J.R.R.Archeries” even fly-tying gets a mention.

For now just give us a call.