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Bearpaw Dealer.

Shire Archery is proud to be a regional dealer of archery products for Bearpaw GmbH, itself a worldwide leading producer and distributor of products for Traditional Archery. This gives Shire Archery unparalleled access to the whole product range, news and offers that our customers can benefit from – directly linked here.

Bearpaw GmbH highly innovative products are technically smart, offer comfort and a high grade of functionality that can’t be missed on the market anymore. Constant developments take place at Bearpaw GmbH in Germany, from the first idea to the final product and finally to general release, the whole processes is governed and supervised by in-house engineers and technicians that work closely with the production manufacturers to adhere to strict standards which must be maintained throughout. This is so far unmatched by any other company.

Do you need to repair a target? building a bow? or want that odd item you have seen on the Bearpaw website?

Where do you start with such an amazing range especially the bows, targets and netting available via Bearpaw! Certain items are not in our stock inventory at the moment due to storage and the huge range available and thus must be ordered in.

No problem – We can cite live stock levels and ask for an eta on the production schedule before you commit to a purchase, if the item/s are not in stock we are happy to take a deposit if you contact us directly to arrange it.

Simply contact us for a £ price, custom invoice and then patiently wait for us to contact you upon arrival. Ordered in to us along with our trade orders you will benefit from free EU-UK shipping with just the onward shipping to pay or pick-up by arrangement. Please allow 4-6 weeks for products that are in stock to arrive with us and to enable us to check them prior to arranging delivery or pick up.

Bow Ordering & Delivery:

Being a Bearpaw Dealer we have access to order-in and back-order any bow from the whole range. They are not available from our stock directly at the moment due to storage and the sheer variance of the range.

  • We can cite live stock and ask for an eta on the production schedule before you commit to a purchase. The time scales below are approximate only due to the ongoing Brexit logistics & global supply chain situation.
  • We are happy to take a deposit, if you contact us directly to arrange it.
  • In stock bows are normally dispatched and arrive with us in 4-6 weeks.
  • The usual turn around for back-order / ‘out of stock’ production bows by Bearpaws home brand – Penthalon, is 10-12 weeks as they go in & out of restock quickly, but waits of 16 weeks have been known due to the Global material & distribution situation post-Covid 2022/23+ disruption & ongoing energy crisis.
  • As of November 2023 due to huge demand in addition to the above it will take 13 MONTHS +shipping for us to receive your Bodnik bow because they are made-to-order thus are displayed as back-order or ‘out of stock’; which has ever been the case with those made to particular specification not part of normal/popular production, such as left handed versions or low/high weights.
  • The above does not include dispatch to your shipping address or arranged pick-up date which is additional and subject to any localised issues.
  • *Bow orders from outside the UK will have shipping charged separately as there is quite a variance in price and carrier, we would prefer you contact us first to discuss the options.

Bodnik Bows – Strong Quality & Durability.

Bodnik Bows is a valued member of the Bearpaw Products Group – where all the designs of Bearpaw Products begin their life – Henry Bodnik and Christoph Unger collaborate on the design, materials, looks, physics, and the quality of each bow design. Bodnik Bows have become world renowned as top end bows. They have been made to their own strong quality guidelines since the beginning and according to American standards for over a decade in their own bow workshop.

Master Bowyer Christoph Unger who has a real passion for archery supervises the team of production bow makers. The bowyers make the bows not only for a living but also because of a passion. Each and every bow is painstakingly crafted by this skilled bowyer team, who produce more than 4000 glass laminated bows in small batches of each series every year. An exchange of know how with bow builders in the US takes place once in a while, the close links are maintained between them as many of the original team were trained in the USA – an association that is ongoing to the benefit of all involved.

Each of the Bodnik Bows is handmade and comparable to customised quality, even the most inexpensive models profit from experience and passion. The woods are selected for aesthetics and material performance, combined with beautiful bow design to give each bow its individual characteristics and high performance regardless of the selection. The work of the limbs and the performance of the bow have all the properties that are expected of a good bow. The glass laminate which is used can guarantee the special quality and efficiency of the bows. So much so, that world renowned shooter Byron Ferguson appreciatively said:

Bodnik Bows are great!”

Bodnik Bows Logo 2020

Bearpaw Archery – Life of Bow Guarantee.

Bearpaw GmbH is convinced 100% to the quality and efficiency of their bows. For this reason, they adapted the “life of a bow” guarantee to set a new global standard with a 30 year warranty. The guarantee applies 100% to the bow because the quality has nothing to do with the owner of the bow. The guarantee also applies to subsequent owners of Bodnik Bows and does not lose its validity for a full 30 years. The choice of material and the weight of the used arrows do not limit the guarantee. This is unique in the world of traditional bows!

Today Bearpaw GmbH & Bodnik Bows is justifiably known worldwide in Traditional Archery for its superb bows and accessories. If you want to find out more about this, please contact us here at Shire Archery on 07581 72 61 61