Are Bodnik Bows part of your archery equipment?

Are you an experienced or novice archer wanting to take your skill set to the next level with lighter, more accurate archery equipment? If yes, you’ve come to the right place.

Below we go through some suggestions from the vast range of Bodnik bows we have available, including the popular recurve bow for sale, and the specific characteristics which may be the missing piece for you. Don’t forget that you can get in touch with our team here at Shire Archery on 07581 726161 to go through any specific requirements or questions you may have.

Bodnik LongbowBodnik Longbow Shelf

If you are looking for a longbow to take into national and international competitions and championships, this true Bodnik longbow (A-FB/LB) is for you. The bow has been in design & development for quite some time to optimise comfort, power and resilience. With a unique hand grip shaped for comfort, improved power and accuracy with an efficient limb design to shoot arrows fast and flat. This is a must if your current archery equipment is missing the range and accuracy you need. You can view this product here to see more details and purchase at £350.00


Bodnik Hunter – Recurve Bow For Sale

For a bow which characterises sophistication and performance, opt for the Bodnik Hunter – a combination of the Grizzly and Kodiak bows. The perfect balance of performance and aesthetics makes this recurve bow the ideal all-rounder for competitions.

Despite a bow length of only 60 inches, this bow is surprisingly powerful – drawing lengths of over 30 inches are achievable, a testament to the quality design and materials. The Bodnik Hunter offers a strong performance and advanced arrow speed, and is likely to become a classic amongst archery equipment as did its forebears. Interested in finding out more about this product? Click here to view our range of recurve bow for sale , and for more information on the features.

Bodnik Horseman

Bodnik Horseman horse bowThe usability of the Bodnik Horseman it ideal for novices, but the extreme power makes it popular amongst skilled archers too. This horse bow design with its riser of heavy red bubinga allows the horseman to always provide a consistent and solid shooting experience. The bow length of 52” guarantees a smooth and soft draw, even at 31”.

With a bow weight range of 20 – 60 lbs, you can purchase the bow tailored to your skill level and experience. The limbs are of olive veneer on maple with a whisper string for excellent strength. The brace height is at 61/4 inches and has a warranty of 30 years with Bodnik Bows.

Looking to add this perfect example of archery equipment to your inventory? You can purchase one for as low as £175.00!

Bodnik Take Down Bows

Looking for something special? We have a wide variety of special take down bows that look the part as well as play the part in your shooting experience. A classic example of this range is the inexpensive Penthalon Mohican bow which sits securely in your hand even before the arrow leaves the bow. The recurve limbs used are beautifully smooth all the way to the maximum draw length of 32”. You can view the product range here.

Want to find out more about the best Bodnik bow that would fit perfectly with your archery equipment and help improve/compliment your skill? Get in contact with our knowledgeable team on 07581 726161 with your requirements.