Chieftain Back Quiver

Chieftain back quiverChieftain back quiver


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The Chieftain Back Quiver is a large back quiver made of thick light sandy tan suede leather with a stiffening panel along the top. (The sample picture colour is not quite right its a touch too skin-tan.) There are two metal-buckle belts attached to the back to adjust to the wearer. A dividing thong runs through the quiver to the front for you to attach any charm or keepsake you wish to personalize it.

The Chieftain Back Quiver has an extra leather tube to further divide your arrows or separate a useful item you have brought along, is stitched into the inner-side. The generous zip pocket is stitched into the front of the quiver and would easily accommodate a number of tools and spare materials. A versatile piece of kit for the Trad Archer it will easily hold a loose dozen+ arrows and more.

  • Height 23″ x Width 8″ tapering down to 7″ x Depth 3″.
  • Pocket- 12″x 5″x 2″.

*Your health is important to us! All leather products have been guaranteed to be free of heavy metals and environmental toxins.

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