Deerskin Shooting Glove

Deerskin shooting gloveDeerskin shooting glove




The Deerskin Shooting Glove is made from just that, in fact the best quality U.S. tanned deerskin, which is thick and extremely tractable leather giving you the highest possible wearing comfort. The fingertips are reinforced with smooth horse leather (Cordovan). This combination of materials for the Deerskin shooting glove guarantees a quick release of the bowstring, as well as protection of your fingertips even when shooting higher draw weight bows, aiding consistent results and a better archery experience.

  • Sizes: S, M, L & XL.

*Your health is important to us! All Bearpaw leather products and textiles are guaranteed to be free of heavy metals and environmental toxins. Tested and certified quality.

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4 thoughts on “Deerskin Shooting Glove

  1. Deerskin glove,Excellent glove
    Really soft leather, so you have better string control.
    Really smooth release as the string glides over the surface.

    I have noticed a few archers having a sneaky peep, I wont change.

  2. Really good glove, I shoot a high powered longbow and my this glove has lasted me three years! I bought a cheaper version a couple months ago and it’s already worn out. Getting another bear paw one now.

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