Archer of Sherwood – Key Ring

Sherwood Archer pewter badge.Sherwood Archer pewter badge.


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The Sherwood Archer Key Ring. The jump ring and clasp are through the top of the bow, the archer is 4 cm tall, the piece is wholly made of very fine English Pewter with a high level of finish, making the Sherwood Archer key ring a worthy gift for any toxophilite.

Ballads about the Robin Hood legends date back to the 15th century, although no ballads have come down to us from the first allusions to him they share many common features- the English poem Piers Plowman, thought to have been composed in the 1370’s is perhaps over a century late for a historically real person and even older versions in the late 13th-century French ‘pastourelles‘ put the ‘figure’ of Robin prior to 1280.

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