Steel 3D Pile – Screw On

Steel 3D Pile Screw On.Steel 3D Pile Screw On.




Steel 3D Pile Screw On are made of blued steel for a tough pile. Designed and manufactured by Bearpaw to high engineering tolerances for a consistent profile and weight. The internally tapered Steel 3D piles are screwed directly onto the cone of the wooden shaft, with the addition of a spot of glue the bond is second to non. Many archers prefer these type of screw on points for their wooden arrows because they are far less likely to come off when pulling your arrow from a target; if they should you can carefully retrieve an arrow, possibly without breaking the shaft and the pile with the aid of a Point Puller, (unless also glued of course).

  • Sold in packets of 12
  • 5/16 70 grs & 100 grs. 
  • 11/32 100 grs & 125 grs.

Additional information

Weight 0.11 kg
Pile Weight

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2 thoughts on “Steel 3D Pile – Screw On

  1. Hi Trevor, I’m thinking to buy this ‘Steel 3D Pile – Screw On’
    Should I buy something tool?


    1. You cut the cone same as for push fit pile with the same taper tool.

      You can screw on by hand, use a plier type tool perhaps with a soft grip, or a more specialist piece like TopHat (i have seen a very similar tool for plumbing).

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