Barbed – Large

Barbed broad head - large. Modern reproduction.Barbed broad head - large. Modern reproduction.


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Barbed Broad Head of ‘Wiltshire Downs’ design or H3- O. Jessop designation only with longer barbs and 1 cm bigger in length overall. Some would say its a small Swallowtail. Whatever the case this type of arrow head is shown in many manuscript images being used to great effect in hunting and war.

Made of blackened steel, partly by hand thus every one is unique, as you would expect the shaft you attach them to may need a bit of work to get a good fit. These modern reproductions of Barbed Broad Heads are intended as look alike examples of the originals, great to shoot, excellent for display, reenactment and as teaching aids.

  • Sold individually.
  • Approximately 7.5 cm in length.
  • Approximately 3 cm wide including barbs.
  • Average weight in grains 360 – 385.
  • Will easily fit 5/16 – 11/32 shafts or taper.

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