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Polyester thread binding Thread SpoolsPolyester thread binding Thread Spools




Polyester thread works a charm for binding or whipping arrows, being thin enough to not part a feather’s barbs, whilst being strong and having a silk-like gloss. Available in a range of colours, these 30 meter bobbins of polyester thread provide enough material for many arrows.

  • * These colours are a good match to our fletchings.
  • ~ These colours are for your own fancy.

This thread has been around since 1955 and overtook natural threads in the 70’s. Originally the Polyester fiber was invented by British chemists J. R. Whinfield and J.T. Dickson in 1941. Gutermanns started life as a small family-run company but is now a globally recognized premier brand well known and trusted in the textile industry, it now looks back on over 150 years. The ethics of the company are clear and sound, refusing child or forced labor and looking after their employees with a code of conduct, that runs both ways.

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