5″ Zebra Shield Fletchings

5" Zebra Shield Fletchings. White.5" Zebra Shield Fletchings. White.




Bearpaws 5″ Zebra Shield Fletchings are made from the best quality real turkey feathers and are available in a variety of Zebra color patterns, giving your arrows a special look of exclusivity! This brand has a flatter or reduced profile of Shield shape to optimize stabilization and arrow speed. Fletchings of 5 inches are normally used for arrows that will be shot from higher poundage bows as they stabilize arrows quickly and reliably.

In traditional archery natural feathers are the only way to go, there is no better choice for your traditional arrows. They are used by serious archers around the world for building their own arrows. Feather fletchings are natures high-tech development offering an unbeatable combination of extreme light weight, high strength, fold down forgiveness and aerodynamic “grip” that no man made material comes close to matching.

  • Sold in packets of 12.
  • Bearpaw Natural Feathers.
  • 5″ Zebra Shield Fletchings.
  • Reduced profile.
  • Crisp and bright colors.

Additional information

Weight 0.005 kg
Zebra Colours

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