Bow String Silencer – Beaver Puff

Beaver Puff SilencerBeaver Puff Silencer


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Beaver Puff ‘string silencers’ made from water-repellent beaver fur are high-performance absorbers for your string and are used by many archers worldwide, especially in the US.

Upon loosing the bow string, a bows limbs return to their original shape and the energy released is transferred to the arrow propelling it forward.​ However not all of the kinetic energy is transferred to the arrow. Some of it passes through the bow and the string, which is what you can hear -the twang- and see in the string vibrating. A ‘silencer’ helps disperse some of the energy that is left in the bow and absorb the noise.

Beaver Puff ‘string silencers’ are sold as a pair with assembly instructions.

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