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Sagittarius Bows - Rex OakesSagittarius Bows - Rex Oakes



The Sagittarius bow is custom-made and available in 3 beautiful variations ranging in price from approximately £350 – £650, but personal and material modifications are possible during consultation and priced appropriately. The basic design goes back into the dim past, but to bring it more up to date it is a combination of English longbow and american Indian flat bow. The length gives sweetness of draw, silence and great power to cast a heavy arrow, while the flattened square section of the limb provides speed, stability and safety to this the American Longbow.

Sagittarius Standard.

The Standard Sagittarius bow has limb cores of pignut hickory as used by the Redman, and well known for its shock absorbing qualities. The lacquer finish is non reflective. This is a bow for the true woodsman, capable of taking all the field and flood can hand out.

Sagittarius Deluxe.

Bamboo heat tempered and laminated forms the cores of this deluxe bow giving it a sweetness to its draw. It is without doubt the safest of bow woods and preferred by Howard Hill when facing dangerous game. Apart from the core wood the deluxe is identical to the Super.

Sagittarius Super.

This beautiful bow has limb cores of the finest selected Yew, the fastest of all bow woods, backed and bellied in bowtuff. The slightly concave handle is of exotic hardwoods with a leather covering. The Arrow pass is cut close to center for less critical matching of arrows. The bow is written with the owners name and signed before application of five coats of lacquer, then hand polished to a mirror finish.

The Sagittarius bow along with a matching back quiver & arm brace are available by direct contact only, please contact us if you are interested in speaking to Mr Oakes.

  • Left or Right handed.
  • Bow Weight: 20 – 150 lbs in 5 lbs steps.

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Bow Hand


Bow Weight @ 28"

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