Big Adventure Back Quiver

Big Adventure back quiverBig Adventure back quiver




The Big Adventure Back Quiver is a versatile quiver with carrying capacity to see you through the days shooting, and a spacious zipper accessory bag stitched into the front, for all those odds and ends you dont want to leave behind. The three point strap fixation will ensure a comfortable fit, whilst the slanted mouth of the quiver to the right or left of the archers shoulder (depending on the model), makes for easy arrow selection. Made of robust weather proof Nylon, it is sufficiently tough for outdoors use and field tournaments.

  • Available in black or black/camouflage.
  • Approx length 56 cm (approx. 22 inches).

*Big Adventure Back Quiver is available Left Handed on request.

Additional information

Weight 1.25 kg
Quiver Colour


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