English Rose

English Rose - Pewter BadgeEnglish Rose - Pewter Badge


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The English Rose pewter badge is made from very fine English pewter, 2.5 cm in diameter with a metal push over clip.

The medieval Rose has a long tradition within English symbolism of love & sacrifice, it is unsurprisingly the national flower of England. Today the red rose has become an emblem of romantic love to the point of cliche, whilst the white rose (along with the lily) is a symbol of innocence and purity.

However like with many such things there are layers of meaning that span centuries. The most recent layering’s and that which most people will be familiar with, we can thank Elizabeth 1st, Shakespeare and Victorian Romantics – the term ‘the Wars of the Roses’ was only used after 1829 when Sir Walter Scott referred to that conflict as such in his novel.


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  1. another great little item, the wife was born in Wiltshire, and although been an adopted Yorkshire lass, i figured the best solution was to get the English rose, wifey loves it, i,m in the good books, and off to lose some arrows for the weekend, with the lads ! and drink some olde ale

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