Holster Adventure Hip Quiver

Holster Adventure hip quiverHolster Adventure hip quiver




The Holster Adventure hip quiver is a popular modern materials take on the very popular leather hip quivers. Your arrows are securely housed without loudly rattling together and can be drawn out rearwards by the shaft or nock. For roving shooters or those who must move through woodland and brush it proves to be a simple yet functional design and because of the compact size the Holster Adventure hip quiver tends not to sway off the leg.

  • Made of robust weather proof Nylon.
  • Black & camouflage colour combination.
  • A useful zippered compartment.
  • Approximate length 42 cm.
  • Available right or left handed.

*Your health is important to us! All Bearpaw leather products and textiles are guaranteed to be free of heavy metals and environmental toxins. Tested and certified quality.

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Weight 0.55 kg


2 thoughts on “Holster Adventure Hip Quiver

    1. Yes the Hip quiver – Holster Adventure has an adjustable leg strap. The arrows poke out the back USA hunter style.

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