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Raising the profile of Trad & Instinctive Archery in the UK, Shire Archery has teamed up with Field Archery News UK, to host the Link below directly to their Website. Free! via subscription to the FAN-UK website.

FAN-UK is an online magazine covering all aspects of the wonderful sport of field archery in all its forms- bringing together individuals, clubs, archery societies, suppliers, products and more! Field Archery News UK brings all versions of field archery together in one place to celebrate and promote the sport, via a bi-monthly Ezine available from the website. The magazine contains news, articles, reviews, rules, rounds, targets, game ideas, bow styles, form, equipment, achievements, insights and archery history. While also providing archers in Great Britain and further afield a hub for their clubs to share contact details, events, shoot dates and reports.


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