Bows & Arrows of the Vikings

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Viking Archery is explored in Dan Høj’s NEW book on the Bows and Arrows of the Vikings, it gives a great overview of the weapon, both through his examination of numerous artifacts and in lively tales of brave archers from among other places Norse mythology. The author is intimately familiar with his material: mythology, archaeology and the practice of crafting wooden bows and arrows. The book gives you a wealth of inspiration, and you can benefit from his long experience with the flexible wood.

Shire Archery has offered to host this excellent book on Viking age archery which is only available directly from the sydvestjyske museum here Linked. If you would like more information from the author please watch this 5 minute video on YouTube.

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Dan Høj: Bows & Arrows of the Vikings
Illustrations by Trine Theut
Hard cover, 224 p.
ISBN 87-89827-72-4

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