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On occasion we have oddments of stock, trial items and may need to ‘cart’ items ourselves but have not yet had time to build each entry into the website – here below items in store 3D Targets by Natur Foam. Carting ‘back orders’/secures purchase, then please state in comments for invoicing and refund of the difference if applicable. (May build a quick dropdown menu for them and photos of each when we get a minute, happy to quick pic and send to you between then).

The brand Natur Foam has an increasing popularity on archery courses across the UK & Europe. Highly detailed and realistic 3D targets designed by talented sculptors and manufactured by a passionate team with many years experience in polymers from the automotive and aerospace industries.

Since targets are bought to “break them,” the material the targets are made from are a high density visco-elastic foam, providing self-healing qualities and allowing you to leave the target outside in all weathers, in combination with ease of arrow extraction, the 3D Pigeon by Natur Foam offers excellent value for money, whilst being respectful of the environment by following the Kyoto protocol.

  • 3D archery target – Rabbits Standing, Running and Sitting £65
  • 3D archery target – Pigeon £65, Hedgehog £62 , Magpie £62, Stoat £82.
  • Weight: approx. 1 kg
  • Detailed lifelike appearance.
  • Durable material & easy arrow extraction.
  • IFAA Target Group: 4

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