Infitec Fletching Jig

infitec fletching jiginfitec fletching jig


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The Infitec Fletching Jig is a great piece of well thought out engineering; designed by archers for archers.

This Jig is an aluminium frame of compact size with a fully collapsible design, it is easy to set the angle up to 45° with side pocket pin and the additional locking screw which can reduce any unnecessary side movement. The combined features of a chromium-plated steel clamp with a strong magnet and shaft rotating knob ensure precise nock centering, in addition the V locator and spring holder prevent shaft ‘lift’ making for firm and precise settings ensuring the best and most accurate fletching of your arrows using this tool.

  • Infitec Fletching Jig – Straight Clamp model only.
  • Fine tuning adjustments to affix the fletch to the shaft at the angle you want.
  • Material: Aluminum (black only).
  • Product Size: 8″ – Dimensions (L x W H): 20 cm x 6 cm x 6 cm
  • Weight 600g


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