Self Nocker Plus

Self Nocker PlusSelf Nocker Plus


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Self Nocker Plus:

Many ‘Trad’ shooters of all forms of the bow use wooden arrows and many still prefer self-nocks sawed directly into the shaft; and just as many would like to have a go for themselves.

It is extremely important to saw self-nocks into the shaft in a centered way and not everyone has the time or skill to saw free-hand. With this tools integrated collet chuck clamps the shafts firmly in the tool and the shaft is centered automatically to allow you to saw the nock into the center of the wooden shaft.

  • The Self Nocker Plus is made of aluminium.
  • Spring steel collets.
  • For use with wooden shafts of diameter 5/16 inches, 11/32 inches, 23/64 inches.

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4 thoughts on “Self Nocker Plus

  1. This is by far one ot the most useful tools (next to the rod saw) for self nocking your arrows. It’s expensive but definitely worth it.

    1. You can also mark the tool or make a gauge to assist with the depth when cutting for very accurate results. Keep the cuts regular and inline and the tool will last many dozens of arrows, even if you drift and its marred on one edge simply switch it round to extend its life awhile.

  2. Hi I have ½” poplar war shafts bobtailed to ⅜ I’m looking to self nock them and was wondering is the self nocker plus compatible with the ⅜? Thank you

    1. The Self Nocker is 3/8 or a smidgen under i.e. a tight fit depending on the shaft. A 3/8 can be rubbed down on the first 3.5″ or the whole ‘shaftment’ of your so inclined for a smooth fit. A parallel 23/64 will definitely fit with room.

      9.52 (0.375) = 3/8
      9.1 = 23/64

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