Pine shafts 11/32

Pine wood shafts 11/32Pine wood shafts 11/32


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Pine wood shafts 11/32″ in diameter are a main stay within archery and rightly so, pine makes good all round arrow shafts, with a clear grain it is easy to work with, strong yet flexible and resistant to impact for a soft wood. Combined with its affordability mark it out as a go-to choice for many archers around the world.

Carefully hand selected from best quality Northern European Pine. The shafts have a good quality finish, with a length of 32” and spined in 5lb increments. They are ideal for all forms of archery and cover a wide range of bow types and poundage’s.

  • 11/32” diameter.
  • 40/45 – 65/70
  • Within 30 grains.
  • Sold by the dozen.

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Weight 0.501 kg
Spine selection 11/32

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One thought on “Pine shafts 11/32

  1. I bought a dozen of these shafts and they’re beautiful. They’re well weight matched, with a standard deviation of just +-9 grains about the mean and a difference of 25 grains between the lightest and the heaviest shaft. They were all exactly the same length on arrival and they’re all nearly perfectly straight. Only one in my dozen required some very minor straightening. They’re also very straight grained with no knots and only very minor grain run-off on a few shafts that shouldn’t pose any problems. I’d definitely recommend shafts from this supplier to anyone.

    For what it’s worth, I’ll also add that I prefer these pine shafts to spruce shafts, which is what I usually used until recently. Compared to spruce, pine is denser so shafts made out of it are a little heavier, but pine is also considerably harder and tougher than spruce, so it tends not to split or crack as easily and it better resists getting nicked and gouged. These characteristics result in a more durable arrow.

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