Pine shafts 11/32

Pine wood shafts 11/32Pine wood shafts 11/32


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Pine wood shafts 11/32″ in diameter are a main stay within archery and rightly so, pine makes good all round arrow shafts, with a clear grain it is easy to work with, strong yet flexible and resistant to impact for a soft wood. Combined with its affordability mark it out as a go-to choice for many archers around the world.

Carefully hand selected from best quality Northern European Pine. The shafts have a good quality finish, with a length of 32” and spined in 5lb increments. They are ideal for all forms of archery and cover a wide range of bow types and poundage’s.

NEW spine selection for 2019 – 35/40.

  • 11/32” diameter.
  • 35/40 – 65/70
  • Within 30 grains.
  • Sold by the dozen.

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Weight 0.501 kg
Spine selection 11/32

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